Amazon Echo Look – AI powered personal assistant is available in the US


Amazon’s AI powered personal assistant / stylists is now available in the US for $199.99. Amazon Echo Look is a device that helps customers to get the best clothing sets possible and (almost) noone else, but Alexa is their stylist here.

What’s Amazon Echo Look?

Alexa is Amazon’s AI, that is already known for the consumers from Amazon Echo. In traditional devices it helps you to buy, order, play music, send emails, check the weather and more. Amazon’s new product is focused on fashion. Customer can use it by taking photos and video with a hands free camera which is built into Echo Look. Technology behind that are deep and machine learning algorithms, which are using shots made by camera. Amazon’s device offers an app that allows users to make their own Collections and share it with friends, but also to get an opinion with Style Check service which is a hybrid of machine learning and real (flesh and bone) fashion specialists support. So it’s not only a stylist, but also a social network app. It analyzes style and makes shopping recommendations, probably learning at the same time.

What will happen to real stylists?

It’s interesting whether Amazon Echo Look will change the way consumers buy fashion and interact with real life stylists and personal shoppers. Should shopping assistants be concerned? Maybe not in the next few years. Even though algorithm is becoming more intelligent every day – it’s still not as creative as human. I doubt it will be better in choosing clothes in a next 2-3 year. Plus, people still enjoy interacting with other people. And vanity might also be important factor. We love when someone else is telling us, that we look good. Don’t we? But in a long term – this path of career may be threatened with extinction. Especially, that this is just the first Amazon Echo Look device. And Amazon is working on few more retail innovations like one day delievery with drones or their Amazon Go store. And there are many projects on the market that aim similar target: women who want to look good in their clothes.


Image source: Amazon Echo Look page

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