MirroCool – an interactive mirror which looks beyond cool


What is an interactive mirror?

Interactive mirror (or smart mirror) is a piece of hardware which will disrupt interior design and omni-channel for fashion brands. It is connected to mirror, which allows interactions and analysis of offline consumers behaviors. It’s like the one from Fairest or Shrek 1, but with no magic included. Just fashion technology. How cool is that?

Till now there weren’t many promissing projects (update 2018: there are some from H&M and Nike that look really cool). But the market looks forward this kind of technology. Both mass and luxury sectors would have a great use of it.

MirroCool – another similar project, better team

This project looks good, very promising and is developed by really experienced team. Their product director was previously working as Zara Poland CEO and has many years of experience in fashion retail.

MirroCool is an interactive mirror that has built-in gesture and facial recognition technologies, which sync up with smartphone. That means it recognising your moves, face and can co-operate with an app that users have in a device they’re using every day. And this are the reasons why I see it as a very promising one. I don’t see it as a consumer product, I see it as a mirror in H&M, which recognizes client who doesn’t have to touch it or speak to it in order to interact with it (so no speaking to yourself in public or touching a mirror previously touched by hundreds of people that day, yah).

Why I can’t wait to see this smart mirror?

This techs could be used to sync with m-retail / e-commerce, so I’m pretty excited and keeping my fingers crossed for their Kickstarter campaign, because even though it is one of many projects – as I have said before – there are not many good on the market. And as Polish – I would love to see their global success. Wouldn’t that be awesome to actually see Polish solution in for example one of Macy’s or Bergdorf Goodman stores?

Yes, please. Take my money.



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