What is the most important innovation in fashion?


While visiting Stokholm, I’ve asked 8 fashion insiders about:

what is the most important innovation in fashion?

At Fashion Tech Talks – speakers where discussing various technologies – from artificial intelligence to bio materials. So I’ve decided to ask, both participants and speakers, which emerging tech will be the most important for our industry.

Some of the answers were focused on technology. For example, Tatyana  Solovey of Vogue Ukraine stated that it is 3D printing. Why?  Because “3d printing allows designers to think differently. Not about shapes, forms and lines, but about materials. In the future, it will be possible to print objects of designs that you would like to have around you, on you. It could be a good invention, which could trace to changes in conception of creator, designer, brand and production in general”.

Is sustainability the most important innovation in fashion?

On the other hand, Marta Kowalska (Elle.pl), Amanda Parkes (Future Tech Lab) and Anna Gedda (H&M) told me that sustainability is the most important innovation in this industry. Why? Because, creating clothes from bio materials and making new models of production will allow us to change a system from the one that it’s now. “With better recycling technologies it will be possible to take the dress and turn it into something completely new.” It will be a closed system.

Or maybe it’s quality?

When thinking about sustainability, we should also reconcider media industry. Now, full of fake news – it is slowly turning into a more qualitative one. Both readers and online editors start to appreciate good quality of information. Joanna Mroczkowska from HarpersBazaar.pl says that “digital editors are making good job, to give consumers information worth reading.” Personally, I would like to add marketing campaigns.

When innovation is not technology

Most of insiders that I had a pleasure to talk to – didn’t emphasize any technology. Innovation isn’t necessarily tech. Alfredo Orobio from Awaytomars told me about open collaboration, Karinna Nobbs pointed out research, which seems to be the basis of any buisness.

So, maybe innovation lays in changing the industry – to be just better for humanity? And is there a room for technology here? Yes, we should use it to improve.

As Matt Drinkwater, head of Fashion Innovation Agency, said – the most important innovation for the fashion industry is the “adoption of all emerging technologies”. In order to grow and to be more sustainable, fashion brands need to be more fashion tech.

Wouldn’t that be a great conclusion? The biggest innovation in fashion is using technology. Adopting it to make our industry a better place.

Image source: courtesy of Patriksson Communication. 


3D printed fashion – use cases from 2013 to 2018

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