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It has been way too long. As one of my 2020 resolutions (although I never plan them) – I promise you to post more about fashion technologies in 2020. I have been neglecting it in 2019, but I have focused on YouTube channel and offline community instead. Although, I will do my best to keep you updated about fashion future.

For a good start I wanted to share 10 most watched videos from GeekGoesChic YouTube Channel. Part of them are my own from Fashion Tech 101 series… but there are few from GGC Fash&Tech:

1. The future of e-commerce – how to sell fashion in 2020.

2. What’s fashion tech, anyway?

3. Q&A with H&M about AI and sustainability in fashion.

4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in Fashion business.

5. Blockchain in fashion.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fashion industry.

7. Historia upadku startupu Shoptrotter – Bogumiła Sobiczewska.

8. au revwear – fashion startup pitch – Kornelia Warecka, Natalia Szukała.

9. Blockchain w modzie – Klaudia Wierzbicka.

10. Zwroty towarów w dobie influencerów – Agnieszka Witońska-Pakulska.

Hope you will get inspired by this YouTube playlist that I’ve created for you. Here is the list of the most popular fashion tech related videos from my channel in 2019.

Soon I will share 2020 inspirations for fashion industry. I will focus on how to use new technologies in fashion marketing, but will also share my analysis about new business models, which are the future of fashion.

Runnng company, blog and starting new projects for you guys (as GeekGoesChic University) – are all very time consuming, but I understand a need of having this one place, where you can always go and get your inspirations.

And… if you have any ideas for  fashion technology related blogposts – feel free to reach me out!


How to sell fashion in 2020? the (near) future of ecommerce | Fashion Tech 101

playlist of 20 talks abuot the future of fashion which can inspire for 2020


Free fashion tech education and inspiration for 2020

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