Learn how to run fashion business online with GeekGoesChic University


We’re relaunching GeekGoesChic University – course which will help you to run online fashion brand in e-commerce and social media.

6 lessons (in Polish) will teach you how to:

  • run e-commerce and analyze data with Google Analytics and Yandex Metrica (basics) – Bartłomiej German
  • create social media strategy that will actually help you to sell through social media – Kinga Filipiak
  • use marketing and tech trends in order to win in fashion in 2020-2022 – Kasia Gola
  • build voice assistant for your e-commerce – Kasia Ryniak
  • implement new technologies in order to connect online and offline sales – Krzysztof Heyda
  • measure visual merchandising – Maria Kozerska

You can sign up till April 15. Course starts April 20 and ends May 19.

http://evenea.pl/event/geekgoeschic/  <= sign up here


playlist of 20 talks abuot the future of fashion which can inspire for 2020


Free fashion tech education and inspiration for 2020

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