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2020 is coming. Fashion future is here. In my last post, I have selected 10 most popular videos in 2019. To give you more inspirations for New Year, I have digged into GeekGoesChic YouTube resources and chosen 20 videos that you would need for 2020.

I’ve selected some short and long clips about:

  • fashion technology trends for 2020,
  • fashion sustainability,
  • AI and machine learning in fashion,
  • data in e-commerce,
  • new business models,
  • social media strategy,
  • and more.

Those videos will get you ready not only for 2020, but most of all for building your fashion brands and rethinking strategy. Those are long (more than 20 minutes) and short (less than minute) clips that will inspire you. Playlist will help you to build your fashion business of today and of tomorrow. Videos are both in Polish (13) and in English (7).

Fashion technology trends for 2020

One of important topics that you should remember about in 2020 is that we are living in the age of chaos. In this talk I discuss how harmful disinformation is (e.g. in sustainability field). I also give some tech and marketing tips for 2020. Discuss what small fashion brands need to do in order to win with big fashion players (did you know that 97% of money in fashion is earned by only 20 companies?). I also talk about collaboration and why it is important.

Retail in 2020 – how to sell fashion?

In this talk I discuss the most important and interesting technologies to use in retail in 2020. By using techs such as machine learning or voice commerce fashion brands will have more chances to win clients online. By co-operating with each other and selling under  umbrellas of market places – small companies will have chances to compete with corporate companies.

Sustainable fashion: reality of PR stunt?

In this talk, Ola Bąkowska discusses new technologies in the field of fashion sustainability. She talks about interesting innovations, fashion brands strategies and PR stunt that happens in this industry. What to look for in a real environment conscious brands and how to create one.

Where to look for progress in fashion?

In my two other talks: one made in Google for Startups, during GGC Fash&Tech and the other at TEDx. I discuss future business models for fashion and how tech companies are taking over fashion industry.

Hope this playlist with fashion tech talks for 2020 will inspire you and have a great New Year!

2019 MOST WATCHED VIDEOS: 1. The future of e-commerce - how to sell fashion in 2020. 2. What's fashion tech, anyway? 3. Q&A with H&M about AI and sustainability in fashion. 4. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in Fashion business. 5. Blockchain in fashion. 6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in fashion industry. 7. Historia upadku startupu Shoptrotter - Bogumiła Sobiczewska. 8. au revwear - fashion startup pitch - Kornelia Warecka, Natalia Szukała. 9. Blockchain w modzie - Klaudia Wierzbicka. 10. Zwroty towarów w dobie influencerów - Agnieszka Witońska-Pakulska.


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