Contact me anytime! If you feel like your startup is changing or has a chance to change fashion industry – let me know! I’m open for testing and learning about new, awesome, fashion tech products! The future of fashion is my thing, so I’ll be also happy to talk to anyone who’s similar interests to mine.

Get in touch!

kasia [at] geekgoeschic [dot] co

I’m also opened for co-operation as a fashion tech consultant. Feel free to check my linkedin and how I can help. Companies I’ve worked with at GeekGoesChic (both partnerships and clients, selected brands):

G Poland Group, FashionBiznes (GGC LAB, GGC Fash&Tech), Elle Poland (GGC LAB, GGC Fash&Tech), Burda International Poland (GGC LAB), Google (GGC LAB, GGC Fash&Tech), PayPal(GGC LAB, GGC Fash&Tech), MasterCard (GGC Fash&Tech), Polpharma (GGC LAB), Allegro (GGC Fash&Tech), Allani (GGC Fash&Tech), WGSN (GGC Fash&Tech), Instytut Prawa Mody (GGC Fash&Tech), Orange and more.

I have an experience with building business models, researching new technologies, building startups and running community. In a past 10 years I was working as project manager and technology focused COO (as well as GGC CEO). I was working with mostly big companies, but also with fashion startups and media.

  • GeekGoesChic FB account   – where I link the most interesting new about the future of fashion and fashion buisness in general.
  • GeekGoesChic YouTube channel – here I upload my videos from Fashion Tech 101 series, but also videos from events I organize (fashion hackathons and meetups). My vlogs are in English  – other videos may be in Polish.
  • GeekGoesChic Twitter account – I tweet and retweet about fashion technology, startups and marketing. Everything that can be said in 140 characters.
  • GeekGoesChic Instagram account – my fashion nerd live in pictures. Photos from events, trailers of vlogs, stories from GGC life, but also  screens and photos of articles that I write outside of GeekGoesChic.Co (you can also check them here)

Can’t wait to hear from you!