Google ATAP projects that can’t be ignored by the fashion industry


I have to say I’m totally in love with some of the potential fashion projects currently developed by Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) – a team which was “bought” along with Motorola a few years ago. In particular, I’d like to show you two of these projects introduced at this year Google I/O:

Project Jacquard – this one will change the textile industry

Project Jacquard gives us an opportunity to use conductive wires in textiles. Lace it within the fabric. To cut a long story short, it changes textiles into touchpads and gives the user a chance to turn devices on or off and control them – use this to program textiles and you have a new way of wearing, using and thinking about fashion). Remember that Google isn’t the only company which is actually working on smart textiles – the future, together with the internet of things, will be very interesting, and we’re not talking about 2020, were talking about next season.

Project Soli – this project can change interactive mirrors, virtual fitting rooms and wearables

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Why is MIT important for the fashion industry?

ForsterRohner - illuminating textile


Fashion experiments with light – illuminated textile

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