A few ideas how the fashion industry could use drones


Some people associate the word ‘drone’ with the military and infamous examples of its application in the Middle East. Others see commercial potential in it – sales or marketing support. The first brand to realize the potential of drones was Fendi (in cooperation with Google), which in February 2014 used drones to film the fashion show in Milan. Following the example of Diane Von Furstenberg, which dressed its models in Google Glass, Fendi adapted high-tech for the purposes of a fashion show. There are some other ideas how one could use the potential of flying objects:

  • Merchandise delivery – companies like Amazon or DHL have been testing drones to transport goods for some time now. It is true that the more advanced a drone is, the more expensive and risky the whole play is (it also refers to the content of the parcel itself), but using drones themselves is practically free of charge. I would happily collect the parcel for instance from e.g. American Apparel.
  • Backstage during a photo session – and it is technically a classic example for drones’ application. There have been many companies established which offer photo and video services with drones. I can see no serious obstacle which would prevent drones from being applied in photo sessions. The lights on location and special effects – I can’t see any problems here either. Wind, some or lights, provided by drones in any conditions. Drones could easily replace rigs or lifts. They could lower the costs of photo sessions and constitute the beginning of a new quality for production.
  • Luxurious drones – if Gucci or Burberry offered drones, I would be the first to stand in line. Why? Why not?! We already have cell phones, laptops, tablets and cars. Luxurious drones should be next, right
  • Fashion show – I am curious who is going to be the next to use drones during a fashion show, after all, they are a great tool for advertisement, give a possibility of livestream.. and help us save time and money (although I do not support the idea of replacing human work with machines :)).


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