5 ways of how HoloLens and virtual reality can enrich fashion industry, and why it’s a bad idea



It seems to be one of the easiest and coolest ways to use HoloLens in fashion. Shop and exhibition designers will be easily able to use the potential of virtual reality in order to plan the decor and furnishing of the store. It is one of the advantages of the virtual reality that will speed up the work and save a lo of money to brands that change the look of their boutiques every season (= whole 5th alley).

The philisophical side of my personality sees this as a disadvantage – the visual merchandising loses its artistry. Designing a virtual store (which still is made easier by Autodesk) and the relocation of a project to the real world is always connected with the risk of failure. The designing loses its thrill. Virtual reality allows to minimize the risk of failure to almost 0. But how can this be considered as a disadvantage?

The designing and prototyping of clothes

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Camera effects and projections from Nuno Barbosa – Emmy Curl – “Come Closer”


Why is MIT important for the fashion industry?

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