Camera effects and projections from Nuno Barbosa – Emmy Curl – “Come Closer”


This video has been recently added to ‘Vimeo Staff Pick’ and looks like it’s a great inspiration for all those fashion designers who think about using an unconventional ways of presenting their clothes. So here’s another way of upgrading fashion intro the next tech level.

This piece of art might be a continuation of my article about the future of fashion models. Instead of the world without real models like Karlie Kloss or Cara Delavigne, you can now imagine that models you hire “wear” clothes projections:


Emmy Curl – Music and Lyrics
Nuno Barbosa – Director
João Tiago Fernandes – Body Paintings

You can also imagine yourself wearing projections. Who knows.. it might be the future of fashion! The idea isn’t new,  in 2012 Franck Sorbier used projection in his couture fall/winter 2012/2013 show, so Paris already knows about it:


Printed clothing – high fashion or ready-to-wear. How hard is to copy a clothing item printed with a 3D printer?



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