iCufflinks – to complete your iOutfit :)


It’s gonna be just short quickpress, cause of tones of knowledge that wait for me before my exams (tomorrow x2, Tue x1). I even missed the Interactive Day #3 that is currently happeing now in my city… it is not the best moment for students in Poland right now.

Here comes iStuff again.. I don’t know why… there’s a lot of it in the Internet :).
Next time I will try something connected to Microsoft or Linux or whatever….:D

Or maybe… we will just complete our iOutfit? 🙂

iCufflinks… that looks interesting. You can connect it with a classy shirt and jacket.

As I said, it’s just a quickpress, so it is…. on Mon-Tue I’ll give you 2 longer posts about men’s and women’s geek-chic fashion, so stay tuned.

For tonight, there’s special a warning for you, my dear geek:

DO NOT TEXT IN THE THE-A-TER … especially in the USA MAGINTED States of America, all right?


More about iCufflinks here and HERE


Swatch introduces us eye popping watches

Smartphone commercial ads which PWN all!


Smartphone commercial ads which PWN all!

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