5 ways of how HoloLens and virtual reality can enrich fashion industry, and why it’s a bad idea



A very big convenience for stores, especially ecommerce. Many companies tried to create a virtual fitting room, but very few succeeded. The gadget like HoloLens could allow for a closer interaction with clothes and imagining that we are really wearing given items. It will give a greater opportunity to try out the product, without getting changed, even at one’s home. It will allow to thorough check clothes and decide if you like it (or not). The invention may also collect data about consumers, so to offer personalized products and discounts on clothes that the given consumer likes.

The threat of such a solution might be the elimination of many work places of vendors (we hear that software and hardware eat the world). Again, this could be a distortion of reality – a virtual reality will show us completely different results than we would have in a real life. For the fitting room to make sense, physics behaviour of the material would have to be perfectly reflected. HoloLens would have to learn the physics of human too (and here comes the controversy – AI). Such a fitting room may distort reality, therefore, at the end we might end up being unhappy with what we bought.

Virtual and online stylists

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Camera effects and projections from Nuno Barbosa – Emmy Curl – “Come Closer”


Why is MIT important for the fashion industry?

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