5 ways of how HoloLens and virtual reality can enrich fashion industry, and why it’s a bad idea



This invention may allow for an easy contact with stylists. Give them opportunities, encourage more people to follow this profession by enabling more support to people that need an advice. Work would not have to be calculated by hours, but by minutes. There would not be any time wasting on the commuting to work. “Skype” would be enough in the virtual reality. Finally, this invention encourages the creation of self-learning mechanisms based on data, habits and customer’s opinion. It will help to choose clothes.

Again, there is a problem of self-learning mechanism, collecting data and limiting the creativity. In addition, it leads to the McDonaldization of the profession and human interactions that take place during the relations with the clients.

Visual merchandising for fashion

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Camera effects and projections from Nuno Barbosa – Emmy Curl – “Come Closer”


Why is MIT important for the fashion industry?

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