Internet of things in fashion – wearable technology goes far beyond watches


We have been taught by the press to limit the topic of wearables to gadgets like watches and bracelets, forgetting there’s a lot more that has been achieved in this field. I have decided to mention two inspiring examples of wearable technology used in fashion that might find a wider use in the future. Because the Internet of Things is not just about beacons and smartwatches!

Truly utilitarian fashion from We:eX

Wearable Experiments (We:eX) is a company specializing in creating clothes which, even though they might not look it, provide unforgettable experiences for their users and assist them in their everyday lives. One of the items they manufacture is the Alert Shirt, which allows spectators to experience the emotions of football players. To create it, We:eX collaborated with two Australian brands: Foxtel and CHE Proximity. Alert Shirt transmits real-time data to the app, which are transmitted via Bluetooth to the electronics in the material, where they are turned into impulses dependent on the emotions experienced on the field.


We:eX has also created a navigating jacket, which helps its user navigate the city. It’s functional, clever and looks more than awesome. I recommend watching all materials related to the project: they are an aesthetic wonder.



Chameleon clothes – sensitive to wind, liquids and temperature

Another interesting idea, both technologically and visually, are clothes which change color based on the wind and light. The idea isn’t new, but the execution is truly amazing. THE UNSEEN creative studio has used nano compounds and chemical technology to manufacture a fabric which enables one to emulate an exotic bird. The studio’s project is still in its artistic phases, but I cannot wait for the first ready-to-wear projects utilizing this idea. DesignBoom says that “Heat affects color in RGB and pantone irreversibly, where pollution can only go back and forth, from yellow to black.”

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3D printing: is it really the future of fashion industry?


Printed clothing – high fashion or ready-to-wear. How hard is to copy a clothing item printed with a 3D printer?

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