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Recently, I’ve written a great deal about 3D and 4D printing and wearables, yet, these technologies aren’t the only ones that are worth following in subsequent months and years. We’ve been knowing shining shoes for years (lately Chanel revived this idea). In the market, there appear interesting fashion projects that experiment with light. Let’s see some.

A few words about Zackees and Kids of Chameleon – simple examples 

Kids of Chameleon is a project started by Marta Kaczmarek. This interesting fashion experiment was is inspired by and targeted at children. Kids of Chameleon is clothes that smells, reacts to heat and, of course, shines. Fluorescent patterns make children not afraid of the dark.

Zackees are gloves that facilitate cyclists’ movement and increase their visibility. Gloves shine when an appropriate gesture is made, by which they inform other road users about the presence and intentions of the cyclist.

Luminous overalls in movies and music videos

Shining overalls have had their place in show business for a couple of years. They did a great job in Step Up 3 and real dance shows. Clothes worn by dancers usually uses LED lights.

The LED lighting is entwined with music, to which artists dance. It is a very interesting show – the synergy of music and light. But it’s not only LED when it comes to music and light, Jennifer Lopez performed in a dress that was cloth for a projector.

Shining and lighting textiles

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