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GGC Fash&Tech is 2 years old, so I’ve decided to share some knowledge with you guys. Building fashion tech community in Poland is, so far, one of the biggest responsibilites that I had. But every minute spent on it – helps our local buisness to grow. I believe that my recipe for it may be applied in other countries and industries. 

Why building fashion tech community is important?

Every industry should adopt technologies and fashion is no exception here. In order to do that – there must be a community of people who have different skillsets, but similar values and goals.

Fashion needs it for a few reasons, and one of them is sustainability. 

Technologies like AI and biotechnologies and make this industry more ethical. And seriously – we more than just need it. People waste tones of clothes a year. And big fashion brands produce too much pollution, which basically kills our planet and ourselves.

But, since we live in capitalism, we also need fashion tech to sell more and sell more wisely. It’s also super important to build new business models for fashion industry, while connecting it with other businesses (like health or telecom).

And it’s hard to have these people in one place without building a community around that idea. And it’s hard to do that without having people around you who like to leave the comfort zone.

I’ve decided to open-source my knowledge

We’re building fashion tech community in Poland, but my country is only one of many that need this. And that is why I think it’s time to open-source some know-how, so knowledge sharing in the fashion industry becomes better and better and (hopefully) it will benefit us all. 

Because sometimes open-source is a good idea. And open-source is part of building a community – so here it is – explaining by example :). 

Hope you find it inspiring!

If you have any questions – feel free to text me on social media or email (you can find everything here)

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