What’s Fashion Tech, anyway? – starting a new YouTube series


So what is fashion tech, anyway?

So on the one hand, fashion tech is everything devoted to how fashion industry uses technologies in PR, marketing, retail but also production.  For example, it’s how:

  • marketing automation helps marketers to reach potential customers,
  • brands like Prada or Tommy Hilgiher are using VR in their PR campaigns,
  • fashion magazines and media houses are changing in the age of YouTube and Instagram,
  • companies like PayPal let bloggers sell products without having actual ecommerce,
  • Amazon is starting a retail revolution by creating their Amazon Go store in Seattle,
  • blockchain technologies can help selling luxury products,
  • biotechnology may make fashion more sustainable,
  • AI and voice assistants will help us to buy without going outside or even without using our smartphones.

And many more.

But it goes even further than that. Fashion tech means also connecting other industries with fashion by using new technologies. For example:

  • Google and Levi’s created Commuter Jacket, which can help with traveling from place to place or answering calls without reaching for the phone, So it’s fashion + tech + telecom,
  • Apple Watch and many other wearables devices collect data about your health and habits so it’s an example of connecting fashion x tech x health.
  • DARPA headband increases learning speed by 40%, so it’s fashion + tech + education.
  • You can use an Android run smartwatch to pay without having actual money or credit card with you. And it’s fashion + tech + finance example.

Because there are many technologies in fashion – I’ve decided to start a short YouTube series called: Fashion Tech 101.

What’s Fashion Tech 101? 

Fashion Tech 101 is about basics of basics of new technologies in fashion. It’s aim is to inspire you to do mor research and learn as much about new technologies, as possible. I’m still learning how to vlog, but had a blast and hopefully will get better and better in that.

Let me know what should I talk about!
Enjoy the first movie: What’s fashion tech, anyway?

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