“Sometimes geeks can be chic”


“Sometimes geeks can be chic” Anna Wintour said last night at Webby Awards. Damn! That was probably the most inspiring thing ever.

For a last few weeks I was wondering about running my own blog. ‘Blog about what?’ someone could ask. Blog about FASHION. What is more.. about GEEKs fashion. Even today, I was thinking about it and asking my friend (probably 1 of the GEEKiest) if he would find that interesting.

Then I came back from my classes (Imma a sociology student @AGH Krakow/Poland) and logged in @twitter and facebook accounts, and I saw AW quote shouting from the voguemagazine @twitter and TheMadeleineWhirl fb site.


It was like Anna Wintour herself telling me: ‘Hey you
girl, that’s a pretty good idea. GO4it!’

Do you believe in signs?


So here I am. Even if I wasn’t sure about myself and wasn’t sure that anyone could find my blog interesting. I am sure now and I know it now.

Why am I doing this? Actually, Imma a girl who is involved in two kinds of the worlds. The First one is connected to IT and graphic design.
In a student organization that I run, MediaFrame AGH, I was organizing a programming challenge (KrakOpen’09), an animation competition (Animotion’09), the biggest Krakow barcamp KrakSpot, a Cracovian edition of GlobalGameJam’11 (#2 KrakJam’11which was the 1st jam in Poland) and so on and so on…

On the other hand there are fashion and photography which have always been important in my life. I’m doing portrait and fashion photography [http://katarzynagola.carbonmade.com] and I am also very interested in fashion (since I remember actually o_O)… even my B.A.’s thesis was about fashion industry (Image of women who read Vogue magazine in three countries: USA, France and Russia).

But my post is gonna be too long 🙂

Working with many developers and graphic designers has told me one thing about the GEEKs fashon: Someone call 911! Who sold them that stuff?!

So here I AM. I’m going to show you what’s in and what’s out. Who’s doing it well and who’s not. What to wear and how to find appropriate clothes and gadgets. (and not spend too much time for it).

I’m like you. Imma GEEK.

And my posts will take you to the WHOLE NEW GEEK

So let’s the party started!



here it is. my portrait and fashion photography

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