I am nominated for Glamour Women Of the Year: Woman Of the Year Online!


I am extremely pleased to inform you that I have been nominated for Glamour Women Of the Year: Woman Of the Year Online.

When I found out about the nomination, I thought that was the perfect ending for the season of GGC Fash&Tech meetings in Warsaw. This is a huge honor that I wasn’t expecting at all. You never think about awards while pursuing your dreams and goals. Although, these can be a welcome capstone of not only the second season of #ggcmeetups, but also of the five-year-long activity of GeekGoesChic.

Yeah, ok well… 1 year of GGC as a full time job :).

Thank you Glamour—this is a great honor and wind to my wings! But—the nomination is one thing, and winning is a whole other story. I will be extremely grateful for all votes cast in my favor!

How to vote in Glamour Women of the Year Awards?

You can vote here: Glamour.pl/krg >> Kobieta Roku Online >> Kasia Gola 

Thank’s everyone for your votes and for your support: shares and likes.

Since you read me, I would like to remind you that I am just the interface of the idea of promoting new technologies in the fashion industry, so that it can develop globally and become more and more professionalized.

Behind the initiative, there are a number of different people—from partners:

  • Allegro and Google, who have accompanied the whole season of GGC Fash&Tech;
  • IdeaHub and MasterCard, who have also supported the initiatives;
  • specific individuals behind the partners’ brands: Marta Guzek (Google), Michał Bonarowski (Allegro), Anna Marciniak (MasterCard), Kornelia Pieniek (IdeaBank), Marta Bloch (IdeaBank), Marta Kowalska (Elle.pl), Ula Wiszowata (FashionBiznes.pl), Ola Zawadzka (former Hiro.pl), Asia Możejko (Xoogler), Ula Mosiej (Xoogler), Tomek Konieczny (Google), Zosia Murgrabia (Campus Warsaw), Magda PRzelaskowska (Campus Warsaw);
  • through incredible volunteers at the event: Gosia Gola-Piszczek, Dominika Guzek; our photographer: Andrzej Wieser; wonderful speakers (too many to mention!!);
  • participants and helpers.

I cannot possibly mention everyone by name—there are simply too many of us, but you need to know that you give me a lot of strength to make a change in our industry.

Thank you so much! And thank you, Glamour Poland, for this amazing nomination!

Again, it’s an honor!


GeekGoesChic 4th Birthday

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