Q&A: Paulina Barlik of Fashionote – the future of traditional fashion magazines lies in m-commerce


PB: New magazines that are emerging and succeeding are the niche, super premium ones and I believe those will continue to find audience for paid, top-quality print content. It is also the coffee-table book factor – they are almost becoming collectable items. But other types of fashion magazines are not going away – even in the mobile mature markets like UK, mobile editions of the magazines account for minority of the magazines’ circulation.

KG: Why do you think the traditional press will exist?

PB: I think this user experience of reading a glossy magazine filled with fashion inspirations is unique and can’t be mimicked even by the best mobile application. If one looks at a newsstand in a big bookstore  people flipping through fashion magazines are always easily spotted. It is not that they can’t find the quality content online, but they choose to get their inspiration from the print magazine. The same situation repeats itself at beauty spas or hair dressers’ – mostly female audience does “window shopping” by reading fashion press. For media planners a lot of times the numbers don’ t add up, because those aren’t the magazine buyers – so it is almost impossible to track the full impact these magazines have. If the traditional lifestyle and fashion press is to survive, it needs to prove its unique lead-generating power.

spis streści Avanti - reklama Fashionote_GeekGoesChic

KG: Where in the future of the press do you see the Fashionote App?

PB: Our mission at Fashionote is to be the link between traditional print magazines and retail, especially e-commerce. We believe  magazine publishers are the best at doing their job – providing top quality content. Retailers are great at creating the great customer experience for their buyers. And we are here just to help them connect more easily, by taking care of the technological part of that link. My dream is that the next time you are flipping through a magazine at your hair dresser’s and you have that  “I want this” when viewing an item, you can act on it and buy it in a blink of an eye. This way publishers will benefit showing the power of its content (and getting affiliate share) and retailer will get more leads from new untaped source. There are also other reasons why such cooperation would be beneficial for publishers: new advertising product combining print and mobile. We are open to cooperating with many magazines, so all could take benefit and the reader only has to download one free-of-charge application – her or his private fashion notebook = Fashionote.

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