Q&A: Paulina Barlik of Fashionote – the future of traditional fashion magazines lies in m-commerce


PB: I believe that it today’s love of fashion and design is what will drive the growth of the m-commerce market in the near future. So our ideal client is more about the approach that the publisher has – if they are willing to be a part of this booming m-commerce market, regardless of their size or brand, we are here to help them to connect with it.

KG: Do the fashion press publishers introduce new technologies fast? 

PB: I believe fashion press publishers more and more open to it constantly. A lot of them were until recently focused on setting up their online presence – first with websites than expanding into mobile by creating mobile version of the magazines. Fashion magazines are vital and important part of the fashion business and as such are embracing technology more often. It is not just about the new product experience offered by augmented reality or m-commerce shopping that we at Fashionote facilitate to magazines’ readers, but also about the publicity that new technologies are given in those magazines. Articles about new apps, 3-D fashion or wearables have became a standard part of every respectable magazine as the readers seek information on how to be both geek and chic.


KG: Ok, so what technological changes or online phenomena influence the changes in the fashion press the most? 

PB: Booming smartphone penetration is the one trend impacting print magazines business the most. Lifestyle / fashion category in magazines has its own set of challenges here as users seek inspiration more and more on social media like Instagram rather than reading a magazine.  Smartphone is one accessory that the modern girl will not leave home without and it’s up to publishers how to make the most of it.

KG: According to you, which magazine nowadays is the best in introducing the new technologies? 

PB: Big international names like Vogue, Elle or Glamour are the fastest to embrace technology and champion its use in their communication strategies, but newcomers to the category are also creating quite a stir – recent one has to be Porter magazine created by Net-a-porter. It is a great example that “shop the look” with use of technology not only can be done, but is also making the magazine a success in UK already reaching 300k circulation after just 1 year in business.

KG: How will the fashion press look like in the 5 years? 

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