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Yeah, everyone knows that I am a huge fan of Burberry’s campaigns. They have a great email marketing strategy which encourages its suscribers to open their mailings. Generally, their fashion and beauty marketing campaigns are not just about their products. They deliver their messages by giving their clients (and fans) something extra. Something special.

This mailing has been done by Google‘s Art, copy & code creative team in collaboration with Burberry (obviously) and Grow agency.

Burberry Kiss mailing

Burberry Kiss mailing

This time Burberry promotes its lipstick. To be frankly, I have know idea what kind of lipsticks do other brands have…do they have any? I know Guerlain’s one, because I have been using it for a while and Tom Ford, because I am wearing it right now and…. And nothing else. Now, I also know that Burberry has a few colours (and I was trying it on my lips via their application ;))

Kiss your tablet – a very personal interaction

This application allows you to send a personal message with a kiss (your kiss) to someone you like/love. The super cool thing about this application is that you have to kiss your (mobile) device to send a postcard (or use a quick kiss option). When you use it on your mobile or tablet it responses to your touch (using gestures), if you use your laptop – it works with a webcam only.

The authors claim that it works seamlessly across all screens – as a website and as ads. It’s worth mentioning that the application isn’t fully responsive – you can’t turn your device while you are ‘writing’ your letter.

Once you have sent your message you can see the world’s kisses – the interactive map of people sending their kisses in real-time.

Burberry Kiss - application screen shot

Burberry Kiss – application screen shot

Technologies that have been used in Burberry Kisses

  • webcam lips detection (on desktops) and multi-touch/touch duration (on mobiles)
  • Google+ – users can choose friends to make their messages easier to write
  • Google Earth, Maps, Places, Geocode – so users can see kisses flying around the world, in real places
  • AdMob – so authors can track mobile users 🙂
  • Lighbox – so users don’t have to leave the website their viewing (after clicking a Burberry ad)
  • Canvas, CSS 3D and JavaScript (yes, yes HTML5) – so users can interact with application across the devices
  • WebGL – so users can see a beautiful 3D
  • WebP – so WebGL works great 🙂


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