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In my last post I wrote shortly about fashion ecommerce evolution and I drew my vision of the future of the online cloths shops. Today I would like to elaborate more about this future and answer the question of how will fashion ecommerce develop in the upcoming years.

Selling fashion online – where to find a good bargain for couture?

In the next 5 years, clothing retailers market is expected to be in the biggest bloom of all ecommerce categories in USA. It’s associated with technology improvements. Technology opportunities offered to fashion retailers are huge. I especially await the prevalence of the following trends:

  • Augmented Reality – fitting-room in your home, while buying online

It’s not science fiction, such technology already exists. Few start-ups already tried and succeeded with online fitting-rooms. Even Microsoft worked on this project. Widened reality can replace ropo, while users can at last make a good use out of their camcorders, Kinect or loop technology.

  • Ecommerce video in fashion – buy this look

Few months ago I wrote about the very first music video which allows to buy clothes presented in it. Similar projects were set up by for example Topshop and Gucci.

I think it lays in YouTube and Vimeo future. They should look into the possibilities of profitable videos.

  • Shop on Pinterest – using all those beautiful photos at last

Social shopping is already happening on Facebook, while its Pinterest which has the biggest selling potential. I’m sure that a great step for Pinterest team would be allowing users to sell and buy – executing full transactions throughout the website.

Right now Pinterest is just accumulating a massive database full of users and brands. What’s important, most of the users are women, while most of the brands are fashion brands. Such correlation shouldn’t go unnoticed. Even today Pinterest is a good converter for retailers, it would be great if they could have they shops on it as well.

  • Siri – your personal shopper

Or even a personal stylist. Siri should know who am I, how do I look and what do I like. And even what do I already have and what do I need. It may appear a bit scary, but these days all those information are already floating around the web anyway – on Facebook, on ecommerce on my Foursquare or even on Pinterest. What’s more, we don’t even guard those information anymore. We just lack an application which would gather them all together and secure. Siri can intercept such functions, it already knows a lot. In the future it could buy me shoes or clothes, fitting them to my silhouette and preferences.

  • Facebook search with social graph

Fight over users-clients cannot go without Facebook, which already tests new search engines. It has a great market potential and I think that Facebook will even more improve retailers possibilities of selling and promotion. The main reason is so that Facebook users won’t really need to go anywhere else, just stay on it. Thanks to that shopping will become even more social.

Estimote App and Beacon


From the beginnings of the fashion ecommerce, through social shopping, to a vision of the clothes and accessories shops of the future

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