„Shoppable” video by Gucci – own cruise 2013 collection by a click – pluses and minuses


Some time ago I wrote about the very first music video, thanks to which you can buy the clothes wore in it just by clicking on them. There are more and more such projects, and even though “shop this look’ by ssense.com is one of my favourites –this Gucci one is quite interesting as well.

The video is a part of Gucci Cruise 2013 collection campaign. After clicking during the video on a redisplayed button, you can see an application demonstrating a chosen product, including price and social buttons (Facebook, Twitter). Any product can be bought like that straight away. Below you can watch the video:

What I like in this project:

  • workmanship, music
  • “shoppable’ video idea
  • references to Gucci icons at the end (one can learn more about for example GG).

What I don’t like:

  • even though the campaign is based on non-standard ways of retail, the sole execution doesn’t engage, nor is viral (commercial is not creative)
  • I cannot click on a few things at once and add them to my basket – it is only allowed to click on one thing
  • Moreover, Gucci didn’t mention cast nor authors of the film (but we all recognize Karmen Pedaru).

See also: Shop this look, by ssense.com


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  1. Pokeware created the first shoppable video for GUCCI in 2009. I was working for Gucci Group at the time. Why are they not mentioned in this article? I met the CEO in 2005, when they were far ahead of this trend, releasing the FIRST shoppable video with the band The Fugees on MTV. Very odd. Anyhow, I liked POKEWARE then –and I really like the progress they have made to date. Good luck guys!!! http://www.fastcompany.com/3002968/new-shoppable-youtube-videos-are-walkmans-advertising

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