Me&Oli Fashion Website – one of the coolest fashion portfolios upthere


Yesterday I found it @AWW website and I highly recommend you a fashion and ecommerce website which is one of the most playful and creative fashion portfolios that I have ever seen on the Internet. This Australian site is called “Me & Oli” and it allows you to choose your own online fashion / nature adventure . Clothing designs and brand’s website are an emanation of antrophomorpism of features and creatures. Drawings on the page and patterns/textures which you can put on clothes, show lovely sketches of animals. Also, “Me & Oli” website allows you to customize your fashion choice – cocreate your clothes and then buy them (with free shipping worldwide). What’s worth alluding – ecommerce was awarded by AWW a website of the day on the 4th of August 2011.



shop this look – shoppable music video


shop this look – shoppable music video


Ready-to-wear or Haute Couture tool: best CMS for your fashion website

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