what will revolutionize fashion? 3D printers!


Recently I’m pretty interested in 3D printing which is also known as an “Additive Manufacturing“. You can read many smart articles about it on 3ders.org. This amazing technology allows hobbyists to create real objects from 3D digital models. It enables rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

To put it briefly, you can literally get what you want by printing what you design at home ‘just like that’. You can experiment with designs and try them out. All you need is a good 3D printer (you can either construct it or buy it). However, you would have to wait a little bit for the technology improvement (or you can improve it yourself!) if you want a really good printer in an affordable price.

Now imagine, what would you do if you (as a fashion enthusiast or young designer) have this kind of 3D printing technology for yourself? You’d be able to design shoes and accessories at home and… even you’d be able to produce them at home! and then you’d be able to sell them straight from your home! 3D printers technology gives you unique and endless possibilities.


You can create your own Haute Couture… sorry… Haute Renders, be Nicholas Kirkwood of 3D and sell it. Actually, there are people out there who already do it. Just look at the examples:

Marieka Ratsma 3d printing shoe

Marieka Ratsma 3d printed shoe

Andrei Chaves 3D printed shoe

Andrei Chaves 3D printed shoes

DVF | Spring 2013 Collection - models wearing Google Glass


Diane von Furstenberg tests Google Glass

Estimote App and Beacon


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