will.i.am takes on wearables battle and launches Puls


Will.I.Am connects his amazing fashion taste with technology and creates a wearable called Puls. “Cuff with a sim card” (smartcuff?) calls and texts and doesn’t need phone. Even though Puls has a watch – Black Eye Peas leader doesn’t call it a smartwatch, he talks about it more like it’s a fashion technology.

Puls features:

  • a watch,
  • a GPS map system,
  • a music player,
  • fitness tracker,
  • social network sites (Facebook and Twitter),
  • and of course it allows for making phone calls and for texting.

edited: so there’s a 3rd player in “a wearable battle” (or smartwatch battle). We’re waiting for more smart, wearable devices!


A great battle for the smartwatch market – which models will conquer the fashion industry?


Let’s imagine that the profession of fashion models has gone away

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