Here are the projects that were created at GGC LAB: Retail!


WOW! I am seriously impressed by the prototypes that were created during the last GGC LAB.

GGC LAB is a fashion hackathon the aim of which is to respond to the problems of various industries, not only the fashion one. This time we dealt with the subject of retail (recently, with the help of Polpharma we tackled “health”). Our strategic partner was PayPal. During this hackathon we also partnered with: Google, hub:raum, Cargo by Owee, Instytut Prawa Mody, Campus Warsaw, and Burda International Poland.

Seven interesting projects were created as a result of our fashion hackathon.

GGC LAB Winners:

  • PayQ—an app that allows people to pay for clothes in boutiques and stores without the assistance of the staff. It uses PayPal and standard bar codes which have been in use for years anyway! A purchase was made right in front of our eyes in less than 30 seconds. The team consisting of Rafał Cymerys, Piotr Karólewski and Karolina Lewczuk won both the main prize and the prize from PayPal,
  • Creolo—an application that allows you to try on and buy glasses using AR – Augmented Reality. Exactly like the one you have on Instagram or Snapchat. The team – Dorota Jurek, Agnieszka Pietras and Kamil Łopata received an audience award, a distinction and an award from Instytut Prawa Mody. Great job! Both in terms of the prototype and from the business side of things!,
  • O’lorem —a system of tags and an app that allow not only for express purchases of clothes, but also for the analysis of why the clothes aren’t being bought after being tried on. A Krakow-based team: Gemma Hałas, Kajetan Wuttkowski, Paweł Kazimierowicz,

Other interesting ideas of our fashion hackathon

  • #buyorbye—an app that, with the strength of the community, helps participants with shopping… a sort of Tinder for retail :),
  • ITWG—a system connecting micro-influencers with small brands, allowing both to grow. The girls didn’t even have a programmer in their team, yet they managed to create a prototype in the form of a website!,
  • FoloFYT—a solution that allows customers to choose the perfect clothes, through fast, safe (personal data! GDPR!) scan of their silhouette—a very well-thought-out project,

See the video from the Event:

wkobylašski_ggclab-retail_0162 wkobylašski_ggclab-retail_0145

Participants developed their prototypes over the weekend of 6-8 April, under the supervision of mentors:

  • Krzysztof Folek (PayPal),
  • Ercan Muskara (PayPal),
  • Klaudia Wierzbicka (Instytut Prawa Mody / Snażyk Granicki),
  • Krzysztof Heyda ( / Grupa Tauron),
  • Katarzyna Solon (Gino Rossi),
  • Bartosz Grad (@TenBartosz / Mennica Polska),
  • Mateusz Lesiński (Polpharma),
  • Magdalena Korol (Instytut Prawa Mody / Snażyk Granicki),
  • Arkadiusz Szczudło (Instytut Prawa Mody / Snażyk Granicki).

The event ended with Demo Day.

wkobylašski_ggclab-retail_0046 wkobylašski_ggclab-retail_0185

We also did a fashion retail conference

A conference during which specialists from the e-commerce and fashion industries talked about retail in the era of new technologies was also held as part of the event.


  • Maria Kozerska (Kmstudio),
  • Krzysztof Heyda (Grupa Tauron /,
  • Dominika Maciejak (Skillpoint),
  • Klaudia Wierzbicka (Instytut Prawa Mody / Snażyk Granicki),
  • Kasia Bronowska,
  • Bartosz Paczyński (Content Hero),
  • Magdalena Urban (Urban Legend).

A big thanks to all participants and mentors! Good luck in developing your projects!

Also, see results of GGC LAB: Health – our fashion hackathon, during which participants were solving problems in health industry.

fashion tech conference photo


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