Why should fashion industry insiders attend tech events?


Last week I had the privilege to be one of the speakers during the Wolves Summit conference. I haven’t attended a startup/tech conference for like 2 years, because I have realized that, often, people attend events that they don’t actually need, just to meet other people they could simply have asked to have beer/coffee/lunch/whatever, and have more quality time together. Plus, I’ve been organizing events since I was a kid and, especially since 2009, it was something that I was doing as one of my hobbies. So I was kind of fed up. Also, one of the reasons why I offer a selection on my GGC Fash&Tech events is that I always want to make sure that people who attend the events will bring knowledge, experience and quite simply…. something to the table. Often, I didn’t feel that people who were attending tech conferences were bringing anything to the discussion. It was just the same faces, the same topics, the same reasons for not wasting my time. I was enough of an ass not to participate at the Art Fashion Forum because I decided that I am starting a #fashiontech marathon this month and it’s that or my health (so I chose health, but hey! I’ve heard that AFF was a great party!).

But last week was the first time I was attending a conference not as a tech entrepreneur, but as a fashion-tech researcher and GeekGoesChic founder, and it was a totally different story. For the first time, I truly understood the reason why people organize ‘general’ startup events, and other people go to such conferences. Sometimes, when you look from a different perspective you find out that events like Wolves Summit bring freshness to your life and people who you would never approach, just because you think you don’t need them, are becoming your friends.

So why the hell should fashion insiders leave their fancy comfort zone and go network with tech peers?

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