NYFW: what to expect when it comes to (emerging) technology?


Candy Pratts Price said “September is the January in Fashion” and I say that fashion and technology have a few things in common: we live in both of them and that they change very fast. Therefore we can expect that this year there will be a lot of technology during Fashion Month. And we’ll see many brand new innovationss: not only in fashion trends area, but also in #fashiontech. So what can we expect from NYFW and other events during Fashion Month? 

Wearables! Wearable technology everywhere!

Everyone talks about it: Apple iWatch, Android Wear, Google Glass… We are all waiting for Apple event on September 9. Apple already has plenty patents on fashion. But well known wearables are just a beginning: everyone will hear about Jawbone UP, Mistfit Shine and other accesory type sensors. But it’s not only about that! Wearable technology goes one step further. Ralph Lauren unvield Polo Shirt which measures power, strength, speed or stimulates blood. Ant this is just a beginning!

Even more social media during Fashion Month

I’m already fed up with that, but what can I do. Social media still rules in fashion. We will see more hashtags, twitter posts, instagram photos, facebook shares than ever. Everyone is into social media, even Vogue.com talks about it all the time. So you should follow them all. Ok, not all but vogue.com, twitter fashion and the Internet’s favorite models are a must: Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.


#nyfw hashtag use, courtesy of hashtag.org

#nyfw hashtag use, courtesy of hashtag.org

GPS-enabled shopping and more apps

Applications like Farfetch Discover give a chance to buy fashion items from major fashion cities of the world. I expect that every important fashion designer will have his/her own app crafted for this Fashion Month. They will allow users to buy clothes, see photos or allow to “try things on”. That would be great if they organize interactive events and build apps that work with beacons like Estimote or Kontakt.io. It would be very interesting if they start to analyze audience behaviour. And I really want someone to measure how many times personal style bloggers go back-and-forth streets near Lincoln Center. 

More tech product placement in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar…

There are already many tech product placements in online fashion magazines and we can expect more. Fashion industry really starts to see opportunities in fashion and that it is just like technology: both are everywhere, both are changing. In that case I’m glad that I was one of the first people online who started to see this :). Startups also see a potential in fashion so they pay bloggers and magazines. They want to be “there” in September. 

Fashion Month tech events

As I’ve mentioned before, fashion biz sees an opportunity in technology so they start to look for great startups or individuals who understands both industries. There are a few hackatons planned and Decoded Fashion organizes Fashion Startups Competition called Decoded Fashion Milan Summit. 


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