Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (Fall 2013) on the Internet – how can you take a part in an online event


New York Fashion Week (NYFW) takes place in February. All of the true fashioholics awaits for it – though, most of them don’t really have real access to it. However, thanks to a good fashion marketing management undertaken by fashion brands and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s organizers, nowadays even ‘normal’ people have access to the fashion world.

As first fashion weeks of 2013 are approaching, I would like to tell you (in the next two posts) more about social media in fashion marketing and how technology improvement democratizes fashion. In today’s I will look into Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. In the next one I will describe bloggers’ and celebrities’ activity and also the fashion magazines and livestream impact.

Fashion week via Twitter

Why is it important to be on Twitter during fashion weeks?

Nowadays Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites, especially in the USA.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has its own account, which is often and systematically updated with news (even ones which are not particularly connected to the event itself). Moreover during fashion weeks fashion brands and bloggers double their Twitter activity, tweeting live photos and comments.

Who should you follow?
How has Twitter changed fashion weeks?

Twitter’s added dynamic to the event and redefined the definition of the collections critique. It allows fast opinion sharing with insiders and online observers. It is also a good touchstone for the popularity of fashion brands among the press and bloggers.

Instagram and photo sharing

Why should you be on the Istagram during fashion weeks?

A lot of designers, bloggers and even Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week itself have their own Instagram accounts, where they upload photos ad hoc – not only from the fashion weeks, but also behind-the-scenes ones. It’s quite useful site as it’s definitely the wildest one on the Internet, where bloggers, celebrities and brands quite spontaneously upload their photos.

Who should you follow?
How has Instagram changed fashion weeks?

It’s rather a question about the future. Models, such as Cara D., spread their wings there, uploading more and more photos from behind-the-scenes. Istagram will change fashion weeks because users just start to understand the informative power of it.

Pinterest has the biggest fashion content

Why should you be on the Pinterest during fashion weeks?

Pinterest is by nature quite an artistic social media site. It’s where most carefully thought out shots are put, and that’s why users can find so many beautiful photos form the catwalks, backstage shots or street fashion, infographics and graphics related to the event itself (eg. summaries) being shared. The last two ones can be as beautiful and interesting as photos straight from the catwalk.

Who should you follow?
How has Pinterest changed fashion weeks?

The change is underway here as well. Pinterest allows fashion brands and bloggers creating beautiful albums, that is, albumatic and well-considered event, and of course trends consolidation. Furthermore, Pinterest has a huge sharing power and that’s why, in my opinion, it’s such widely exploited medium.

Facebook has it all

Why should you be on Facebook during fashion weeks?

Because of three reasons: 1. Facebook connects all of the above social media 2.on one news feed one can track news from all noteworthy people and brands 3. Facebook in the most powerful social media site, and consequently brands and their marketers care about the quantity and up-to-date status of the sharing content.

Who should you follow?
  • All designers are must-follow.
How has Facebook changed fashion weeks?

Thanks to Facebook we can talk about the true democratization of accessing the information about fashion and spreading fashion trends. It didn’t change, it revolutionized and added a lot to the fashion democratization.

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New York Fashion Week in Social Media – infographic by Whispr Group

DVF | Spring 2013 Collection - models wearing Google Glass


Fashion week online – how can fashion marketing management let you be an insider at the event

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