We did it! GGC LAB: Health – fashion hackathon


We have organised a fashion hackathon!

A few months ago I’ve killed GGC Fash&Tech in order to start a new project. One of my goals was to focus on fashiontech products that actually make sense. There’re a lot of worthless wearables on the market and weird fashion startups that actually don’t solve any problem (both in fashion and different industries). So together with partners, we’ve decided to face that issue and fight of a better fashion technologies, that actually mean something. GeekGoesChic co-operated with Polpharma (our strategic Partner), Google, Campus Warsaw, A Google Place, Burda International Poland, hub:raum, Instytut Prawa Mody, CARGO by OWEE. We were also supported by LECH (beer!) and RISK made in Warsaw. Our media partners were: Elle.pl, CrazyNauka.pl, Hiro.pl, FashionBiznes.pl. THANKS EVERYONE WHO HELPED! We’ve worked together for a few months on this project that was a huge experiment and in the end – GGC LAB happpened.

And it worked!

See how Fashiontech can help health industry (Polish)!

GGC LAB – fashion hackathon’s outcomes

It was an amazing adventure, during which people from fashion, tech and health industries co-operated together. Topic wasn’t easy, but projects (and prototypes!) were very promising:

  • Pilleo – sachet that don’t let users to forget about taking their medicines – made by Paweł Kazimierowicz, Gemma Hałas (project won Audience Award and was awarded with distinction).
  • GlucoAlert – smartband that allows user to control glucose levels – made by Katarzyna Chilimoniuk, Kinga Szwed, Małgosia Wojdowska.
  • Scarf – algae-scarf that filters pollution – made by Agnieszka Ewa Olszewska, Tomasz Łomża
  • CareOn – UV sensor-sticker for sungrasses, clothes or smartphone that tells user when to use their sunscreen – Ewa Michalik, Karol Piotrowicz, Rafael Toscano.
  • Pharmgram – an application that controls our first aid kit – made by Zuzanna Borowska, Andrzej Wieser, Władysław Średniawa.
  • Gluconity – wearable that controls a glucose levels – made by Joanna Sałacińska, Kacper Pawlik, Joanna Derehajło aka Joannade (Main Prize)
  • Hyp.feet – inserts for shoes that measure body posture – made by Magdalena Buczak, Maciej Pestka (awarded with distinction).
  • Inauris – contraceptive earrings – made by Kamil Łopata, Paula Szarejko, Dorota Jurek, Gosia Targosz.

We collected feedback and summed up this hackathon and will definitely continue GGC LAB. Also we see the future in some of prototypes that were built. So stay tunned!

PS: See photos from GGC LAB here.

Also, take a look of what happened during GGC LAB: retail.



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