What did Apple Keynote bring to the fashion market? (and it’s not only what you think it is)


And one more thing…

The Apple-Hermès cooperation. That’s what all the media are writing about. The cooperation with the legendary brand Hermès, which has designed the Apple Watch’s strap, is another step for the technological giant in the direction of luxury industry. Hermès has designed a beautiful, long bracelet which might be put around one’s wrist, and it’s made (apparently) of a beautifully aging leather. The bracelet will be available in chosen Apple stores. It’s an obvious sign for the fashion world – it won’t be able to run away from technology. But it’s also an obvious sign for the technology industry Apple is taking over the fashion industry, just try to stop it!


Source: Apple KeynoteAppleKeynote-Fashion-4

Source: Apple Keynote


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