Changing of the guard – the native digital Generation Z as a fashion consumer 3.0


What is Generation Z and how to market its fashion?

Generation Z is a better Generation Y. It differs from the Millennials with its level of technology, fashion adaptation and understanding, and also the will to create these things. The channels and ways of communication, and also the fashion aimed at Generation Z, must be adjusted to the following rules: participation, sampling, immediacy, ideologization and honesty.

Current consumers

The sellers, not only from the fashion departments, focus on the Millennials who are us, the consumers, who:

  • grew up in the era when Internet started to play an important part in people’s lives
    since their early childhood or teen years
  • had their world view shaped by September 11
  • are the generation who more or less remember the offline and pre-Afghanistan years
  • are witnessing the fall of Moore’s law
  • are witnessing the devaluation of education and norms
  • are the generation of individualists who are convinced about their own strength to change things
  • are the effect of being overbought with information
  • are a product of post-Lehman-Brothers financial crisis

Today we are the biggest group in society on which the creation and sale of fashion is focused. We are the first generation of consumers who have very quick access to information about the actual trends (real-time) and to the past of fashion trends. We are the generation which samples this information, chooses between what’s old (second-hand/vintage), what’s luxurious, and what’s the fast-fashion. We are the first adapter of e-commerce and m-commerce and the creators of the press evolution – from offline to online. Finally, we are the creators of Generation Z – the better us.

Generation Z – the better Millennials

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