Fashion experiments with light – illuminated textile


Besides Wearable Experiments (We:eX) that I have already described – the creators of a jacket with GPS (that, among other things, shines), there have already appeared many interesting projects. One of the most intriguing companies creating lighting textiles that I’ve found is Forster Rohner. They have created an e-broidery® technology that allows to integrate light with textiles, while at the same time maintaining usability properties of materials (drapability, washability).

Forster Rohner - illuminated textile

Forster Rohner – illuminated textile

The company makes a very fascinating step as far as the development of textiles is concerned, they’ve already developed projects with Arkis (in 2014) and contributed to the solar cell bag that uses solar energy to charge devices carried inside it. It is also worth to follow the Creators Project series, where interesting fashion-tech projects are presented, like: Cinderella Dress.

The future of lighting textiles

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