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Yesterday I had a great morning with coffee and the Internet…

Surprising? Not really 🙂

But it was so special because I’ve decided to check out what’s happening in a world of fashion – more precisely I’ve decided to read the web pages of some great designers. And by saying ‘some’ I am more than 60 + some less luxury brands, like Guess, H&M, Zara, Benetton and Reserved (which is Polish). That is 70 brands.

So I made a ’30 seconds’ test. What was the test about?

I spent 30 seconds on every website – looking for eye-popping sites, original ones.
If the site didn’t appeal as a stencil one – so much the better (yes, I know a lot about usability and webs which are not cundactive to modern ‘www’ requirements…).

Features that I was looking for:
original layouts, clarity, funny/inspiring ideas… and usability

Simple as that.

What did I found?
Sadly, most of designers have similar websites full of photos, background music (I really hate it), flash animations and so on. Like it was made by the same person, or even based on the same template. I wander if it should be this way… After all it’s very useful.

But the template didn’t strike my fancy. At all.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling, when you like to come back somewhere…aswell on the Internet.

Happily, I’ve found some really cute which I loved or which cought my eye, so here’s my ULTIMATE (ultimate for now 🙂 ) list of the geekest fashion websites:

Except for number 1, – any order.

1. Maison Martin Margiela – a simple, coherent concept, an original idea and usability. Absolutely number 1.
2. ….
3. ….
4. Christian Louboutin – it contains everything that I hate and it’s a little bit tacky, but it’s very funny as well.
5. Pierre Cardin – you’re gonna hate that one. It’s also tacky… maybe I’m a tacky person.. who knows? :p Anyways, I can feel an oldschool brief there.
6. Jason Wu – he has a photo blog!
7. Michael Kors – maybe it’s because at Teen Vogue Fashion University he said that he  likes when women are a little bit undone. Layout idea is a proof – Chaos is the coolest thing ever! and it is a classical e-commerce concept (if I can call this issue ‘classical’)
8. Zara –  it seems to be so personal with that movie inside… OMG I love the idea!
9. Hermes – that animation is so cute 🙂
10. Lanvin – I’ve remembered it.

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  1. wow, love your blog! I’m in IT myself, so it is really awesome to find a website, which combines the two – IT and fashion 🙂

    I am also really annoyed with all that flash stuff on fashion websites. Because you cannot get links to some things you would like to view separately. So inconvenient. I like simple online shops, with clearly displayed suff and also, when it the goodies are presented on models. I like that asos has also catwalk videos, which help get a great idea, how the clothes actually look like.

    Will definitely go through your list later. For now can only tell, that Hermes is quite nice 🙂

    • thank you! your comment is really important to me.
      about flash sites, I have a good news – I don’t think this problem will last long – html5 will probably take flash’s place, it’s the only a matter of time, imo.

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