dear Uncle Google.. what are you up to? [me @Google+] (part 1)


Here’s another post not connected to fashion, but I’m extremely amused by a new Google’s product called ‘Google +’. It was a matter of weeks, maybe of months, for Google to launch their own social network app. And here it is: Google+ in their first public installment. I found it out accidentally and I was shocked by the fact that I could not try it at once. So the 1st thing that I did: I logged in at Facebook to see (on FB wall) if any of my friends don’t have Google+ account to invite me in.


would marketing get any better?

So I swallowed the hook :). Trial&limited version? Come on! I’ve never heard a better catchword. I got an invitation from my friend. I invitated some of my mates. So they’re all already in. I have tested (I think so) all of the functions and they all work. Who would launch an unready product? Definitely that wouldn’t be Google.

But they make us feel like we actually can co-create their stuff. That we actually can make a perfect social network. And they make their contrivance more elite. Not everyone can do it. But me, myself… I CAN.

Great PR! Great marketing!

make me your homepage… – what gives?

There is one thing that makes me really curious: for the last several weeks, everytime I’m using Google it is asking me if I wanna make their site ( my browser’s homepage. I’ve never noticed it before. They also gave a makeover of a classic Google site – changing its design a little bit. They gave us many new features like electronic business cards next to our mail. Obviously everything is customizable – as it was before, but now we can make a use of it in our Google+ profile.

Starting today, you might begin noticing that things look a little different 
across Google products. We’re working on a project to bring you a new and 
improved Google experience, and over the next few months, you’ll continue to see 
more updates to our look and feel. []

My question is: What are your plans Uncle Google? What are you up to? How’s it gonna affect the Internet?

social media’s the greatest battle ever

Here we are, a few days after the 1st show of Google+ project. A User-focused version of Google+ can really threaten the monopoly of the ad-focused Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg announces new features starting next week. I’m dying to see what’s gonna happen.



Changes are gonna make a HUGE difference on the Internet. I already like these changes but monopoly isn’t healthy for anyone. 1st thing I know for sure is that Google grows stronger. Is it good or bad, it’s an open question. 2dn it is also certain that Mark Zuckerberg won’t just seat and wait. Let the battle begin!

And let it last forever.

Here I give you two cool articles about this issue: one for Polish natives and one for English

Google Geek Chicks do it g00d!


Google Geek Chicks do it g00d!

Facebook vs. Google+: who pwns it all? (part 2)


Facebook vs. Google+: who pwns it all? (part 2)

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