Fashion on Pinterest: what and why do they do there and who does manage well?


Out of curiosity, I browsed through some huge fashion brands’ pages on Pinterest recently. I did a few observations and I picked a few favourites. Below I will try to explain what exactly fashion brands do on this social media site and a strategy of which brand is my favourite. This post should prove valuable for all designers who want to promote their brand through the web and for those who work in social media marketing and wonder whether it’s worth to promote fashion on Pinterest.

Reasons why fashion brands are on Pinterest

A lot of fashion brands have an account on Pinterest, most likely because of following few reasons:

  • Women are the majority of Pinterest users, and obviously they are more interested in fashion that men are
  • It’s good to reserve one’s unique address – to avoid having it done for us by someone anonymous
  • Fashion is visualized applied art, which one can upsell with photos – Pinterest is a great selling tool
  • Pinterest is an ideal virtual photos and videos album – especially those of HQ and beauty standard
  • Pinterest is an irreplaceable source of links
  • Pinterest is an easy branding tool
  • Thanks to using Pinterest, one can do extremely engaging contests in an easy way
  • Pinterest is easy to connect with Facebook
  • Pinterest is a good SEO tool, especially when it comes to positioning, so called longtail
Swarovski on Pinterest

Swarovski on Pinterest

The most important fashion boards – what do fashion brands like to pin?

I looked at over 20 sites of fashion and jewelry brands on Pinterest, mostly luxury ones, and that’s what I found:

  • Photos of products – often via boards divided into special categories (watches, clothes, shoes)
  • Runway photos (and photos from parties)
  • Campaigns shoots (all lines of collections: for women, men, children, ect.)
  • History of the brand and its heritage
  • Magazine covers including a brand or its products (mostly Vogue covers)
  • Exemplary styles and tips from the brand – of course using its products
  • Lifestyle – connecting a brand and particular lifestyle (music, playing tennis, ect.)
  • Brands CSR – eg. Talented people discovered by a brand
  • Collaboration with bloggers – repining their photos
  • Travelling and exotic places connected with particular brand (especially if a brand is focused on interior design or has a luggage collection)
  • Cuisine and restaurants connected with a brand (which means more lifestyle)
  • Contests and repins from anonymous users – really engaging the community
Michael Kors on Pinterest

Michael Kors on Pinterest

My fashion favourites – they know how to be Pinteresting

Swarovski – because of over million followers, engaging the community, coherent campaigns on many social media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Chictopia), tracking the brand in media and on blogs, a lot of inspiration. You have to check it out.

United Colors of Benetton – because of around million followers, a lot of interesting fashion pins, order on their boards and engaging and interesting content.

Michael Kors – mainly because their managed to implement brands’ idea onto Pinterest fluently and integrally. Their boards are not only fashion but also ideology and vision, and moreover showing an amazing character of New York.


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