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Vogue history started in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure, a former creative director of Harper & Brothers. Its first editor in chief was Josephine Redding – she was the one who invented the name Vogue.

The most famous editors in history of Vogue magazine

Before Anna Wintour, who started as Vogue editor in chief in 1988, there were a few legendary editors-in-chief who made this magazine so famous:

  • Josephine Redding (1892-1901),
  • Marie Harrison (1901-1914),
  • Edna Woolman Chase (1914-1951),
  • Diana Vreeland (1963-1971),
  • Grace Mirabella (1971-1988),
  • Jessica Daves (1952-1963).

During the years of Vogue history – magazine had its ups and downs. In 1904, Vogue got into financial troubles due to the fact that it had published only 14000 copies which hadn’t attracted the advertisers. In 1909, it was bought by Conde Nast (where the publisher’s name comes from). The new owner turned it into a bi-weekly magazine. When Diana Vreeland was editor-in-chief, Vogue was selling 400 000 copies. Grace Mirabella reached 1 200 000 copies. The average number of copies remains more or less the same since that time. – fashion magazine online

The thing that has changed is how Vogue readers use its online version – Not everyone knows this but the domain was launched in 1994.

Since 1996 British (not American!) Vogue has been using it as their official website. American Vogue had their, running from 2000-2009. After that, in 2009, started to be the official American website.

vogue history

In 2010, had 360000 readers / month. After launching a new website, run by Caroline Palmer, its current managing editor (who now works for Amazon Fashion), it reached 1 590 000 in 2013, and now there are 8 700 000 users on the website every month (according to Media Kit).

The first Vogue for iPad App was launched in 2010 by British Vogue. The American edition started its’ own app in 2012. There’s no data currently available about subscription numbers.

Vogue also runs or was running, other websites like: Voguepedia – a fashion encyclopedia launched in 2011, running until May 9, 2013 (now linked to designers names section on or




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