Fashion Magazines in the Age of New Technologies


Vogue and mediakit 2013-2015
Offline reading is luxury time. Sometimes, you read for yourself, away from the rumpus of the Internet. Online reading is based on news and is turning into digesting through images – which are becoming less and less artistic. Besides, print has brand power. Printed magazines are becoming the medium for carrying the aura of tradition and experience, as well as brand power, both very important in the fashion industry. Printed media is becoming something luxurious. Of course, sharing an article on Facebook or Twitter is still an expression of belonging. However, we often do not realize which site’s content we share, and besides, printed media really seals that sense of belonging. Having Vogue or some other fashion magazine on one’s shelf is a demonstration of one’s status and belonging to a certain club; of identifying oneself with certain rules.

This is one of the reasons why stores like Net-a-Porter have decided to publish their own traditional paper periodicals. Moreover, as the editor-in-chief of Inc. – Eric Schurenberg – divulged during WebSummit, there is a rule that cover sessions, and topics discussed in the paper edition of their magazine, are also the most popular materials read by the users. Inc. dictates what appears on Although, as Piotr Stadnik, the founder of AFPHOTO revealed during GGC Fash&Tech, nowadays, making the front page of can be a more valuable achievement than appearing on the cover.

The Future of the Press and Adblock

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