AGILE Fashion Manifesto


Don’t build an entire collection at once. Continue being close to the customers. Talk to boutiques, ask questions. Make 2-3 new projects and adapt the one that can maintain you until the new season. Then you’ll be able to concentrate on the communication, on the customers and feedback. Show your sketches to your clients and ask them if they’d be interested in buying. Place orders for non-existent products. Scale your business gradually, slowly adding new things. Try changing boutiques – if your product didn’t sell in one boutique, it doesn’t mean that it won’t find a buyer in another. Analyze – what clothes are popular, in which boutiques – and draw conclusions. Develop your landing page, try selling online, it’s not just about selling at the marketplace anymore.

Learn the basics of Google Analytics, monitor what subpage elements and photographs are best clicked. Draw conclusions about the reasons. Check what phrases are used to enter your website and from where. Install a re-marketing tool gathering cookies. Create a campaign targeted at the visitors of your store. Maintain relationships with customers, ask them if they’re satisfied with your clothes, accept their feedback. Thank them. Analyze and then react quickly.

When you decide to create a collection

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Fashion blogger – a profession in its twilight. Democratization of fashion – the biggest myth in the global fashion industry.


Changing of the guard – the native digital Generation Z as a fashion consumer 3.0

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