Teen Vogue Fashion U – memories and advices from a serial participant (before 2013 edition)


Just until September 01 one can apply for Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City. I finished lectures in 2011 and 2012. I think this participation is a great experience, but one should prepare well to the trip. I would like to share some of my advices.


My memories from TVFU 2011?

Great keynote from Michael Kors, and lectures from other designers and fashion stars. Very interesting talk about fashion world in digital age. It was a great pleasure to travel to New York City and listen to intelligent people from fashion industry.


What happened in 2012?

A way better organisation than in 2011 (which was already good), greater gift bags and very successful event. And brilliant Grace Coddington. Even a “Fashion In the Digital Age” panel was much more professional: I asked many questions from different branches of marketing, even some SEO details. I treated this even in a very proactive way, I signed up for workshops, I bet on networking, I asked a lot of questions during and after event (remember this crazy Polish girl? that was me:)).


This year I’m too old for that (sadly:)), but I have a piece of advice for newcomers fashionistas:

  • meet others before the event: every year there’s a new Facebook group dedicated for participants of the event. In NY: go shopping together!
  • outfit: a lot of girls take part in TVFU, and most of them want to look most fashionable at any price – it’s a fashion event after all. Do what you can to have style and class, but remember that you have to be comfortable first.
  • do your research about speakers and participants – you will know what to expect.
  • have 3 aims you want to achieve during the event: meet the idol, ask pervaded questions, gain an internship? Else?
  • be active! Talk, ask questions, talk, meet, talk – and first and foremost be yourself!


Ralph Lauren 4D Experience (2010)



NYFW: what to expect when it comes to (emerging) technology?

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