Google Geek Chicks do it g00d!


I was just surfing the Internet when a short article caught my eye. That was the Marie Claire’s piece about ‘the Women of Google’.  Yeah, the author did a good job introducing ladies who run that company to us. For me – as a girl – it was quite enlightening.There were six women presented and I googled (xD) them all. Results
were fascinating. I found out that two of them – Marissa Mayer and Sukhinder
Singh Cassidy (apart from that they’re genius and powerful) are such chic ladies!

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is Google’s vice president of Asia-Pacific & Latin America operations. She has led the company’s entrance into more than 18 different countries, like China or Argentina.

Google Images can tell you that she’s also a woman who likes it classy.

Marissa Mayer is my favorite. She is Google’s vice president of search products. She’s a critic and creative thinker, “she’s led Google’s efforts in Web search, images, news, maps, Google Earth, and more”.

M.Mayer in red@office

M.Mayer in red@office

Here’s inspiring “Fashion for Work at the Google Headquarters”:

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dear Uncle Google.. what are you up to? [me @Google+] (part 1)


dear Uncle Google.. what are you up to? [me @Google+] (part 1)

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