Get your favorite magazine on your iPad… but wait – there’s no Vogue!


You may remember my post about Teen Vogue Fashion University, where I wrote about Conde Nast’s plans. Amy Astley said, that they want to release an iPad versions of their magazines (she was talking about Teen Vogue and Vogue, because this is what I was asking about).

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Vogue Magazine:

Get your favorite magazines in a whole new way

Super excited I wanted to see more details… and than I discovered that there was no Vogue for an iPad, or Kindle Fire or even Nook Color

Well, I was a little bit disappointed, after all Vogue is the flagship Conde Nast’s magazine.

Fix it Anna, please.


[edited @March] American Vogue is now available on iPad. So Anna has fixed it.

CondeNast Elevator


The (whole) world of fashion in Voguepedia

CondeNast Elevator


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