Fashion startups – what are they and why does fashion industry need them?


Women are main recipients of fashion trends. That is why, they should not only play more important role in this field, but also in technological one. Thanks to women in computing, for example female programmers or engineers, we will have a chance to observe the creation of bigger number of fashion startups. As a result, one can notice a larger number of mature fashion industries which will change this field. That is why, I find the initiatives of for instance, Geek Girls Carrots, Girls in Tech, Lean in and He for She so important.

GGC Fash&Tech speakers

In order to highlight and distinguish the role of fashion startups, as well as inform the fashion industry about their existence and need, I decided to discuss this matter during one of GGC Fash&Tech meetup. In collaboration with Google and Allegro I am arranging a meeting today, where the following startups are going to participate:

  • Shoptrotter – mobile travel guide for savvy shoppers,
  • Modsly – an online tool for designing fashion and crowdfounding your collections,
  • Loko – a Tinder for fashion,
  • uBirds – a smart strapwhich turns watch into smartwatch,
  • Guidici – ethical luxury fashion for conscious consumers,
  • Sartolane – luxury leather bags for men, that can be modified to some extent by user,
  • Bluebirds Co – personalized clothing of premium quality.


My intention was to enable these startups to have a chance to meet the fashion industry, the press, investors, as well as people experienced in this type of business. That is why, I invited such people as mentors (as well as participants). The mentors during our meeting will be the following people:

  • Michał Kramarz – Google,
  • Celestyna Zachariasz – Allegro,
  • Jakub Ślusarczyk – Protos VC,
  • Marta Kowalska –,
  • Małgorzata Walczak – ENEA Innovation VC Fund.
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How many fashion startups are there and what does this market look like?

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