The End of Fashion: how marketing changed the clothing business forever vs. how the Internet and Lady Gaga saved Haute Couture


Everything is online now, and information spreads so fast, that celebrities have to be more original and bring something to the table (at list artists ;)). They have to be noticed as a needle in a haystack. One of the ways to achieve it is wearing more original clothes – Haute Couture which supposed to be undeniably unique.

In my opinion, nowadays, Haute Couture is somehow making its renaissance. Celebrities like Lady Gaga are roping their fans in by using social media. Lady Gaga is extremely interesting artist from the marketing  point of view. Originality and shock are her key ingredients in the recipe for success.  She’s a great performer and a marketing product as well (and she has one of the most popular pages on Facebook) . She sells herself and her image and it is her way to show off with her music. She also sells some kind of dream. A few years ago – she popularized Alexander McQueen’s weird lobster-like shoe. Lately, she wears a lot of Versace pieces. She does crazy clips. And what her fans do? They copy her!

The same story goes with Swift, Aguilera, Rihanna and Beyonce. They wear a lot of ready to wear apparel (mixing it with mass 10$ H&M clothes, like Rihanna does) but they also wear a lot of Haute Couture during their performances. Today music cooperates with fashion even more, than 10-15 years ago (yeah, I still remember that times). And fashion is much more democratized than it was 10-15 years ago. Stars have to give a very strong message to be noticed.

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the geekest fashion websites


the geekest fashion websites

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Dior Games

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  1. Lady Gaga had found out about Jameys tragic death and over the days passing after, she expressed much sorrow and aggression.

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