Why should the fashion industry keep track of space agencies and the space industry?


We have already seen cosmic trends before, and all the indications are that clothes featuring space in the leading role will continue to be fashionable in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In the future, we are going to wear the colors of the sky, auroras, or galaxies. I expect to see even more sky-related inspirations in the next few years as regards cuts. Classic ones will be combined with futurism, and therefore, I recommend watching “The Jetsons,” or other great cultural assets, such as movies about space. The most recent ones include “Gravity,” “Interstellar,” “The Martian,” and “Star Wars.”

It is very likely that in a few years we will also be using fabrics developed by space agencies. For instance, NASA has for a long time now been working on its e-textiles. They fit well into the wearables trend, which should develop significantly within the so-called mainstream over the next five years. You should also take a look at and think about more distant phenomena, such as space tourism or colonization missions, e.g. to Mars.

Source: Eclectic Trends

How can they influence fashion? How can fashion brands be first and influence the lives of people outside our Earth? It is worth thinking about, even today. Open your eyes to unobvious industries and be the first one to use them as your inspiration. Space tech and fashion have a lot in common, because both are connected to humans.


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