Q&A: Wallace Wu – Misfit Inc. Creating wearables with fashion in mind.


KG: I’ve read that your collaboration with Swarovski is very important when it comes to battery life improvement. Can you tell me a little bit more about the product that you’re designing with Swarovski?


WW: We have been working with Swarovski on exploring different battery power technologies. We’ve announced two new products. The first product is a regular Swarovski Shine. The second is Swarovski Shine Forever. It’s a product that you don’t need to charge. We use solar power energy technology. We worked with Swarovski on this, to think about the best component to collect solar power. We’re doing experiments. It hasn’t launched yet.

KG: Ok… When?


WW:  We’re not sure yet. The team is working on it. But it will probably get launched next year. Right now, we’re doing experiments. We can have a product exposed to sun and a battery charged this way lasts for a while. Our research already proves that the product works when you use it in a regular way.

KG: So you can’t live in Finland if you want to use it?


WW: (Laugh) It’s not just sunlight that can charge it, so Finland is still our market.

KG: Tell me a little bit more about your collaborations with fashion companies. What are the goals for you and for them?


WW: We’ve been working Coca-Cola, Victoria’s Secret, Swarovski, and Speedo. When you look at all of these partners, none of them are a tech company. Victoria’s Secret and Swarovski see the tech element of the Misfit product and brand because of our background in Silicon Valley. We work with them to create more value for their users. We work together to provide a product that fits their own brand user profile. And we value Victoria’s Secret’s and Swarovski’s fashion part of it. We leverage their brand power to introduce our product to a bigger public. Obviously they help us cultivate a brand as well. We also explore a new model, by introducing smart jewelry to the user.

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